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The Cursed Video is a collection of images projected by Sadako's spirit to video tape. The viewer is cursed to die after 7 days after watching.

Ring: Kanzenban (1995)[]

Scenes with Meaning


Floating red dot, expanding, until it fills the screen. Doesn't have a special meaning.

Mt. Mihara erupting - when Sadako was a child, she predicted the eruption of Mt. Mihara, and the prediction was later proven as true. Also, Sadako's mother, Yamamura Shizuko, after being branded a fraud at the demonstration, held by her lover/Sadako's father, professor Ikuma Heihachiro, she committed suicide by throwing
People at Shizuko's demonstration. Just a shot of the people.
Rolling dice. At the demonstration, held by professor Ikuma Heihachiro, Shizuko had to predict the outcome of the rolling dice, and, as Sadako was there, she memorized this scene (the cursed video is basically Sadako's memories). This is important, because on that demonstration, Sadako's mother, Yamamura Shizuko, and her father, professor Ikuma Heihachiro, were branded a fraud, thus making Sadako suffer as well.
Sadako's grandmother, interrupted in the middle by the shot of a new-born baby.What she says, is in the dialect of Izu-Oshima
Demonic face, which shoots forward. This scene doesn't have a special meaning (however, the demonic face could be that of Nagao Jôtarô).
Countless faces - the reporters at Shizuko's demonstration. They're yelling sentences, such as Charlatan!and Fraud!, and they yell them at Shizuko and professor Ikuma Heihachiro.
The yama kanji (yama means mountain, and is the first part of Sadako's surname - Yamamura, which means mountain village). This is the very same mental image, that Sadako sent to a certain professor Miura Tetsuzo, who was a studier of the paranormal powers. As I explained before, the cursed video is Sadako's memory, more precisely, the events, that had the biggest effect on Sadako's life, so even this very image is included, as it basically "wrote" her life's story.
The old TV, turning on to the sada kanji (sada means chastity, and it's the first part of the name Sadako, which means chaste child) - this is a nod to the scene, described later in the story, where Shigemori, the director of the Hisho Acting Troupe, which Sadako was a member of since the age of 18 until her death, once spied Sadako practicing her nensha (thoughtography) on an old TV set, which was later discovered to have been unplugged.
Scene21 (2).png
Sadako's grandmother appears again, this time, saying shômon bakkari shite'ru to, bôkon ga kuru zo (if you keep playing in the water, the monster will come for you) again. This is just a blurred, concrete memory of Sadako's grandmother.
Angry reporters at Shizko's demonstration. This scene represents the people who made Sadako basically lose the will to live - they branded her mother a charlatan and a fraud, that's why she threw herself into the Mt. Mihara, and it causes major sadness in Sadako.
New-born baby - Sadako's dead brother. When Sadako was around 7 or 8, her mother, Yamamura Shizuko, gave birth to another child, this time a boy, who died 4 months after, of a disease. And, this is Sadako's son, although in Ring: Kanzenban, she had an incestuous relationship with her father, professor Ikuma Heihachiro - however, Sadako had the Female Testicularization Syndrome, which means she appared on the outside as a girl, but had a male genetic structure - she also had no uterus, but fully developed testes. Just to mention, that people, who have this syndrome, are unable to conceive (as they have no uterus), so Sadako could give birth.


Red interruption. Does not have a special meaning.

Nagao Jôtarô raping Sadako - unlike in Nakata's Ring or Verbinski's The Ring, here and in the novel, Sadako was thrown into the well by Nagao Jôtarô, a young doctor, who watched her bedridden father (professor Ikuma Heihachiro). Nagao Jôtarô was also the last person in Japan to have been treated for smallpox. Well, what happened was, that after Nagao raped Sadako, he realized, that she had no uterus and had fully developed testes. Being that Sadako's little "secret", she telepathically sent him a message, saying I'll kill you. Nagao, being afraid, strangled her and tossed her into the well. Also, being Nagao the last person in Japan to have been treated for smallpox, by raping Sadako, he transferred the smallpox virus to her, which she, 30 years later, transferred onto the cursed video, but in a mutated form, which was - seven parts smallpox and three parts human DNA (in Rasen, Sadako's cursed tape virus impregnates Ryuji's assistant Takano Mai, who gives birth to a clone of Sadako's, which now has less prominent testes and an uterus, and Mai dies).
Droplets of blood falling towards screen (i.e. into Sadako's eyes), probably when she was tossed into the well. This scene does not have a special meaning.


Forest at day morphing into moon at night. This scene does not have a special meaning.

The finale (a.k.a. outro): You, who watched this tape, you are going to die in one week on this same time. There is only one way to survive. You must-, then the TV commercial, which then four dead teenagers recorded over it. The missing part of the message is: - copy the tape and show it to someone else within one week. As it's explained in Rasen, the cure to the curse was no longer to copy the video and show it to someone else, as the virus, carried by the tape, mutated, so the cursed person had to do something else to lift the curse (for example, Asakawa Kazuyuki wrote the Ring report).

Deleted Scene (in the end version tape)[]

Scene20 (1).png

Hisho Acting Troupe director Shigemori (somewhat unconvicingly) keeling over dead. This is a concrete memory of Shigmeori dying the day after he and his friend, Arima Shin, saw Sadako involved in a sexual incestual relationship with her father. Probably Sadako realized he saw it and thus killed him. This scene was only included in movie version.

Ring (1998)[]

Scenes with meaning

Scene01 (1).png

Moon-like view from the well. It's what Sadako saw, when looking upside from the well. The face is of her father, professor Ikuma Heihachiro, who in this version, was who tossed her into the well.

Scene02 (1).png
The mirror sequence. For the first 5 seconds, we see Sadako's mother,
Scene03 (1).png
Yamamura Shizuko, brushing her hair. The mirror is on the left side of the wall. Then, the mirror very quickly moves to the right part of the wall, and in it, we see the reflection of Sadako - this part last for 1 second. For the next 4 seconds, the mirror returns to its original position, and we can see Shizuko again, this time turned to the right, and smiling. This is, as it's explained in Ring 2, the concrete memory of an actual event in Sadako's life - her mother was slowly going insane, so once, when she was brushing her hair in front of the mirror (she did it almost constantly), Sadako approached her, and as a childly prank, she (with her mental powers) switched the mirror's position.

Scene05 (1).png
An undulating, impenetrable sea of kanjis, used in the Japanese language. The rightmost kanjis read yama ga funka, which means eruption of mountain. It's a jumbled version of a newspaper article, which we see unjumbled later in the movie. The complete article says Miharayama ga funka (Mt. Mihara erupts), followed by Local reisdents urged to take precautions and smaller, related article, saying Did young girl predict eruption? A local girl, from the Sashikiji prefecture... Oh well, the same as in the Ring novel or in Ring: Kanzenban - Shizuko threw herself into Mt. Mihara after being branded a fraud at the demonstation, held by professor Ikuma Heihachiro. But in this movie - it was Shizuko, who predicted the eruption of Mt. Mihara (thus Ryuji's lines: According to him (the Oshima correspondent of the TV station Asakawa Reiko was working for), the woman who predicted the eruption is the same woman from the video."). Also, there is one additional decipherable word here: local (on a studio TV screen, the word residents can also be deciphered).
Scene06 (1).png
The shamblers. They are either the victims of the eruption of mt. Mihara or a re-representation of the "countless faces" scene in the cursed video in Ring novel or Ring: Kanzenban.
The Towel Man. Probably the most famous scene in the Ring cursed video. This man is either the same Towel Man Sadako saw in her childhood, when, in an ecstatic state, she asked her mother who her father is (it's possible - the sea in the background), or Tôyama Hiroshi, Sadako's lover from the Hisho Acting Troupe (he died on the cliff after having seen the re-joining of the small evil and big good Sadako twins), or a foreseen vision of Takayama Ryuji, who actually appears as the Towel Man at the end of the movie - to point towards Asakawa Reiko's bag and thus enlightening her, that what she did and he didn't was - she copied the tape and showed it to someone else. The Towel Man also has a hidden message - if you listend to the sound of this scene, while playing it extra slowly, you can hear the words shômon bakkari - to, bôkon ga kuru zo (note: the word shite'ru is missing, don't know, why) - the line means: Frolic in brine, goblins be thine, and it's in the dialect of Oshima.
A weird, alien-looking eye with the sada kanji in reverse inside it. As I already explained in the scene-by-scene analysis of the Ring: Kanzenban cursed video, sada is the first part of the name Sadako, sada means chastity, and Sadako means chaste child.
The Well. Well... not much to explain about this scene, except for - it's the last scene the cursed people see before they die. They see the well, then Sadako crawls out of the well, then she crawls out of the TV, approaches them, and shows THE EYE, which scares the victims to death (actually, THE EYE is what kills the victims). This ending scene is unique to this version of Ring (and subsequent remakes) - the director Nakata Hideo credited the '80's movie Videodrome for it.

Extended Well Scene[]

While Yoichi watched the tape, A hand came out from the well and cuts the scene.

Extended Version (Fanmade)[]

  • Man looking down the well
  • red liquid
  • countless faces
  • mirror sequence
  • mt mihara erupting
  • sadako's grandmother saying Sono go, karada wa naashii? Shômon bakkari shite'ru to...
  • while sadako's grandmother saying her lines, The towel man cuts the scene
  • sadako's grandmother again saying Ii ka, tabimon ni wa kii tsukero. Unu wa daasen, yogora o ageru. Amakko
  • Ikuma saying "Sadako"
  • eye sequence
  • yoichi saying " Mama wa watashi o tasukeru"

  • The Well
  • TV Static until it shatters

Ringu Saishuushou: TV Series (2001)[]

The Video was a music video that can cause commit suicide (left). However The Video has hidden messages (right).


The Ring Saishuushou cursed video (broken-down version)


Ringu saishusho